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Dr. Corey G. Solman, Jr. treats patients in the St. Louis area with a variety of hip conditions such as fractures, soft tissue injuries, hamstring and quadriceps injuries with treatments such as labral tear repairs, total hip replacements, AMIS surgery (minimally invasive) and gluteus and muscle repairs.

AMIS – Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement

Dr. Corey Solman is one of the few orthopedic surgeons who utilizes the AMIS technique for the anterior approach for minimally invasive hip replacements in St. Louis. This technique was specifically designed to minimize the harm to the nerves, blood vessels and muscles near the hip joint, as well as a shorter skin incision.

In comparison with “conventional” surgical hip replacement techniques, the AMIS approach can reduce the post-operative pain as muscles are not cut which potentially reduces blood loss. Transfusions are rare and blood clots in the legs are less likely. Another benefit in using the AMIS approach is the incision is often shorter and therefore scar tissue is reduced.

The AMIS technique can significantly reduce the duration of hospital stay and rehabilitation (standing and walking with crutches) can usually start the day of or the day after the operation based on your doctors authorization and post-operative conditions. The AMIS approach allows you to return to normal activities in a shorter frame then a “conventional” surgery does.

As a result of the minimally invasive “AMIS” technique the preservation of muscles, blood vessels and nerves significantly improves the stability of the hip. The risk of dislocation is minimal and the post-operative limitation of movements, usually prescribed in other techniques, is not necessary. The risk of dislocation is reduced because the anterior approach is performed from the front of your body and dislocation is mainly related to posterior hip structure damage. Minimizing muscle and nerve damage reduces the chances of limping.

While other techniques claim to be minimally invasive, the only benefit they offer when compared to a conventional approach is a smaller incision. The posterior, lateral and double incision approaches are still associated with tendon and/or muscle injury. With the AMIS technique for total hip replacement offered by Dr. Solman in St. Louis, no muscles are cut which leads to a faster recovery and better quality of life!

Benefits of the AMIS technique include:

  • Decreased Post-Operative Pain
  • Shorter Rehabilitation
  • Shorter Hospital Stay
  • Small Skin Scar
  • Faster Return to Daily Activities
  • Less Blood
  • Reduced Risk of Dislocation
  • Prevention of Limping

If you want a faster recovery, less pain, and a decreased chance of complications for your hip replacement, talk with Dr. Corey Solman for more details about AMIS minimally invasive hip replacement surgery for the greater St. Louis area.

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  • Fracture Repair
  • Arthroscopic Labral Repair
  • Arthoscopic Surgery for Femoral-Acetabular Impingement
  • Core Decompression for Avascular Necrosis
  • Total Hip Arthroplasty


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